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The PURGADEMAR project stems from the need of aquaculture industry of having a tool for early detection of red tide episodes. It address the design and development of a system for predicting harmful algae blooms, using Artificial Intelligence techniques, a distributed environmental sensor network, circulation models and data from the MERIS Envisat satellite.

Led by the Ecohydros company, the project has four technology partners: the Galician Institute of Technology, the TGIS research group at the University of Vigo, the IRTA research center (Research & Technology Food and Agriculture) and ENVIROMAR SL company. It also has two partners as potentially final users: the ANFACO-CECOPESCA association and La Sirena SL company. The project is funded by the Economy and Competitiveness Ministry of Spain in the program INNPACTO 2011.

PURGADEMAR is considered like a pioneer system for early detection of harmful algae blooms, since there are no any commercial solutions for that purpose.




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